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I’m Christopher David Mitchell…

Expert vocal coach working in London. Are you looking to fulfil your vocal potential? Do you want to achieve great success with your singing? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and become exceptional?
I believe vocal coaching can help people achieve their dreams. My true passion is to make you reach your fullest vocal potential. If you’re passionate about singing and becoming an exceptional singer, then let’s work together to make this a reality.

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A real honour to do a vocal warm up for Boy George before his sell out gig at Wembley Arena

Christopher David Mitchell

Christopher is amazing! He’s taught me some really great vocal techniques that have helped me tremendously. I’ve used lots of different methods over the years but it’s been really exciting to learn some new things!

Boy George Grammy Award Winner

Christopher David Mitchell
Vocal Coaching For The Individual

Every person is individual. Every singer is individual.

I believe that personal attention is the most effective way for myself to vocal coach and yourself to learn. Therefore there is no set vocal exercises, set scales, or a set method.

This is why I hold a Vocal Consultation for each new client to access their individual goals.

Christopher David Mitchell

You want to have complete trust in your voice.

You want to know your voice so well, that you can always give an exceptional vocal performance (even on your ‘off days’). Lack of vocal technique leaves you not trusting your voice. Consequently you compensate with endless amounts of anxiety, vocal rest, warming up, or even copious amounts honey and lemon tea, (believe me I’ve done all these).

The last place you want to be performing and wondering ‘is this note going to come out?!’ In this situation, the technique hasn’t been mastered, and you are left thinking and worrying about your voice during the real performance.

I want your vocal technique to be so strong that you don’t need to think about it at all. You know your voice is there and you easily perform the song as intended. Free to connect to the words and give an authentic emotional performance.

That is what moves an audience. That is exceptional.

Christopher David Mitchell
The Studio

Learning in a positive environment

In my view, learning in a positive environment is the most inspiring way to learn. Like attracts like. Singing is a personal instrument and a personal journey.
Its easy to become sensitive to past negative comments about your voice, or a negative experience you had with singing.
Theres no judgements in my studio. We want to be free to make ‘weird’ sounds, make mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn.

We will create a strong vision and goal for what you want, then results will soon come. It will be within a fun, relaxed and positive environment that you will see the biggest improvement to all your learning..

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