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You Are A Vocal Athlete – Singing Is A Vocal Sport

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I find that one of the best analogies for singing is going to the gym. Lots of people go to the gym these days. So think of training your voice in a similar way to this. It’s all muscle coordination work in the gym or with your singing voice. The great news about muscles is – they can be trained.
At the gym, to make the most progress, people will use a technique known as ‘muscle confusion’ This is where people deliberately change their workout routines, as otherwise over time the body gets used to each routine. So confuse your vocal muscles and mix up your vocal workouts the same way.
This could be, for example…
Week 1, chest. Week 2 head voice. Week 3 mix. Week 4 style choice work.
Then mix it up totally again…
week 5, Monday – cord closure, Tuesday – decompression, Wednesday – song work. Thursday – twang exercises, Friday – low larynx conditioning.
When you do the exercises, do NEW exercises you’ve never done before. Mix up the speed and scales to confuse your voice. You can see the possibilities. Know your voice and explore it fully.
This is why I try to always stay present and give clients new exercises unique to their voice.

Does practice make perfect? Not really. Perfect practice makes perfect. The key is in the details. You wouldn’t see someone not going to the gym and expecting great results. Yet how often are singers actually doing their vocal workouts 4 times a week, just like the athlete would be in the gym 4 times a week?! To fulfil your potential you must be dedicated to your craft.

Know that vocal exercises don’t necessarily improve the voice. The EXACT right vocal exercises specifically designed for you do though.

For exceptional results, make a plan that’s best for YOU with a coach that you trust.

30th April 2018

Christopher David Mitchell

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