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My Story

Christopher David Mitchell

My Journey

I believe in helping people achieve their dreams, reach their full potential and become exceptional.
My vocal journey started as a singer frustrated by the confusion within the world of voice teaching. Every teacher seemed to use different terminology and jargon – and their ideas on singing seemed to be completely contradictory. I wanted to discover the REAL answers. I began thorough study in the UK with Master teachers of the Estill Model. This was a great foundation, but felt incomplete. I wanted to know everything. I was inspired to know more. I decided I would have to travel the world in search for the answers to all my vocal questions.

How I became a coach

This video is the story of how I became a coach. This traumatic time ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. It woke me up to discover my true self and my life purpose - ’to inspire others to become exceptional.

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This traumatic time ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. It woke me up to discover my true self and my life purpose.

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Travelling around Europe

My first travels were advanced vocal Masterclasses in Italy and Sweden.
I then found great value working with Brett Manning and Jason Catron at ‘Singing Success’, located in Nashville. Their Speech Level Singing based approach gave me further great understanding of vocal technique.
I soon went from being a student to being asked to be a teacher. I found myself teaching joint masterclasses with the greatest teachers and coaches in the world. I had the privilege of teaching alongside Denmark’s most famous Opera Star Julie Reumert, in Copenhagen. As well as teaching at a masterclass in Norway with Los Angeles based, and Master Associate of ‘Singing Success’ Jason Catron.

Christopher David Mitchell
Christopher David Mitchell

Working for New York Vocal Coaching

I was honoured to become the first and only Vocal Associate and representative in Europe for ‘New York Vocal Coaching’, one of America’s top vocal studios. This was an invaluable time for me – to be once again working with world-renowned teachers such as Justin Stoney. Whilst working for ‘New York Vocal Coaching’, I taught a number of their seminars and masterclasses, both in the UK and internationally. If you are ever in NYC, this is the perfect place for your vocal development.

To find out more about New York Vocal Coaching.

From Adversity to Success

Through a time of adversity in my life, I turned to my passion. I read up to 50 books on the voice, and learnt to play piano in my late 20’s as a complete beginner. Piano from scratch was a challenge at times. However, I knew that is was my calling to be a vocal coach. I needed to be the best I could be in order to help others most effectively. So I became good at piano. It was this time of adversity which made me realise my life purpose – to inspire singers to reach their potential and become exceptional.
I am thankful for that time of struggle and hardship. It made me grow.

As a vocal coach, I believe that offering personal attention, mentorship and ongoing support will be the most effective ways to help you to fulfil your potential.
If we work together, I will inspire you to become an exceptional singer – and will support you every step of the journey.

Christopher David Mitchell

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