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The Method

The Technique

Great results can happen within one Vocal Technique, but a combination of vocal techniques will give you exceptional results.

The voice is a human instrument. Yours is completely unique and individual. That’s what makes every voice so beautiful. And when it comes to training our voices, we all respond in a unique way. So for exceptional results, singing shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach.

Through travelling the world and studying with master teachers from all backgrounds, I have discovered that there is not one best ‘Method’.

The Estill Model provides great value. Speech Level Singing provides great value. Complete Vocal Technique provides great value. It’s the COMBINATION of techniques that will take your voice to a whole new level.


Why is it named the Performing ARTS? Why are we called a recording ARTIST?

A great artist is a creator with their own unique style. When we see or hear their work, we KNOW its their work. This is easy to think of when you imagine the famous painters. We are artists and our instrument is our voice. To this day when you turn on the radio, within seconds you KNOW its Elvis Presley. He was the creator of a unique sound that became his sound. All voices are created by the use of multiple elements of style.

The great news is that these stylistic elements can be taught.

I want to help you discover YOUR sound. You will receive all the tools needed and together we will discover YOUR unique sound, and help you truly become an artist.

Singing from your Heart

What is singing? It’s an artistic way of communication, expressing emotions, connecting to your listener and telling a story. Every song should take your audience on a journey through the beauty of your voice.
Singing is an expression of you. Live out your passions and let the world hear your voice.

Once your technique is built, you have full confidence in your vocal ability
Once you discover your style, you become a unique true vocal artist
Once you sing from your heart, you connect to your audience on a spiritual and emotional level.

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