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Our Process

Vocal Consultation

I like to chat to each new client. I want to get to know you, your history and your vision for your future. To fully know you as a person and as a singer. I will first hear about your vocal background, and previous experience.
In the Consultation Session, I will be assessing all aspects of your voice. You will then receive a highly detailed technical analysis of your voice. Together, we’ll develop your vision for your future as a singer and pinpoint exactly what you want from your voice. Whether your goal is a particular vocal quality you wish to have, song you want to master or stylistic qualities, we will make sure that this is achieved together.

Christopher David Mitchell

“Hey London! If you are looking for a vocal coach, I highly recommend Britain’s finest…Christopher David Mitchell! I have known Chris as a client and friend for over six years and am proud to call him a fellow coach. His knowledge of the voice is incredible and his desire to help clients is heart felt. Do yourself a favour and book a session today!”

Jason Catron Brett Manning Master Associate, Los Angeles

Future Planning

After assessing your voice, I will give you an individual strategy plan for your future vocal development. This will be tailored to you, your vocal history and your vocal goals. For some, issues can be fixed within one vocal session. For others, it’s a 2 month plan, for some a 3-6 month plan. It really depends. One thing I can guarantee is that as we progress with your vocal coaching we will always refer back to your initial consultation assessment to realise the progress you are making. No matter what your goals are though, I will ensure that we stay on track every step of the way. The most important thing is that we get you where you want to be.

Christopher David Mitchell

“I had the ultimate opportunity to have Chris facilitate a seminar Vocalize last weekend in Birmingham UK. The detailed insights and professionalism he displayed very informative and eye opening. I will be sure to have him again next year! Truly a hidden gem of England”

Conrad Gayle Vocal Coach and founder of Vocalize, Birmingham

Following the plan

Once we have the vocal plan sorted we will focus on achieving your vocal goals for the future. We will have written and mapped out everything you want to achieve with your voice. Over time, we will ensure that everything has been covered. I see myself as a personal coach. I care about my clients. I will promise to be with you every step of the journey to ensure exceptional results. Frustrations could come along your vocal journey – trust me, I used to be that frustrated singer. This is why I want to be with you where any issues or problems arise.
To help make things as easy as possible for you, I encourage my clients to take up the Email support I offer so I can constantly monitor the progress they make. In the end, my mission is to unlock the voice you always wanted. Together, we will make that happen.

Christopher David Mitchell

“Christopher is an incredible voice coach. His method of teaching has been extremely beneficial to my career, sustaining the stamina and vocal health I need for 8 shows in the West End. He has helped me with styles from pop, rock and musical theatre. I highly recommend Christopher to all singers from beginner to pro.”

Leon Craig Currently Standby "Genie" in Aladdin

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