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Head Voice

To be in ‘Head Voice’ you’ve got to feel it in the head… right?!

What does it actually mean?

Well, these terms are general guidelines for where MOST people experience their resonance. However, everyone is different, with different shaped mouths, heads, throats, facial features that all affect where the singer feels the resonance. You may be in a perfect ‘head voice’ but you may feel the resonance in a slightly different place to another singer.

Perhaps you feel your resonance in the cheeks, eyebrows or the forehead? Maybe you could call it eyebrow voice? I’m slightly joking here, but hopefully, it puts the different terms into a new perspective for you.

As a coach, I’m always trying to be razor-sharp in listening to your sound in the room, but you the singer should go by feeling. If I hear it’s perfect then the first question is, where did YOU feel it? If singers overanalyse their sound by trying to hear themselves as their singing, it can lead to problems.

So don’t panic if you don’t feel the resonance in the exact place you feel you should. Instead focus on the feeling, also record yourself doing a great ‘head voice’ and then feel where that is placed for YOU.

Remember that spot for the perfect spot for YOU every time.

If it feels good and it sounds good… you’re probably onto a winner (even if for you, it is ‘eyebrow voice’)! For more, personalised vocal tips and sessions, get in touch today.

Here at Christopher David Mitchell, we have a great range of services to suit everyone as we understand that everyone is different. Let us help find your best voice.

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