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Factors Of A Successful Audition

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Multiple elements give you the best chance of audition success.
Singing is one factor and an important one. However, other factors enter the equation of a successful audition.
Song selection, what you wear, your personality in the room, knowing your cast-ability, acting through the song, vocal technique, vocal style, knowing the casting director, confidence in your ability, being polite to the pianist, positive attitude and the list goes on…
Let’s quickly look at some important factors in a bit more detail….

Personality – People will always remember your personality. Maybe even more than your singing voice. If you are charming, funny, positive and brighten up their day then you stand a great chance of being memorable.
Know yourself and know your authentic personality.
Technique – The panel will want the confidence that you can hit the notes and do so 8 shows a week. Your technique will be tested so they feel confident in you. If you aren’t confident in your voice, they will soon know. Be prepared and work on your voice as much as you can so you know you can the notes easily.
Acting through song – Even if your voice isn’t on total form, it wouldn’t matter too much if you acted the hell out of the song and moved the panel emotionally. A bit like your personality, a panel will remember the emotional way you left them feeling from the audition.

Even if you sing well TECHNICALLY and you are ACTING through song beautifully but your PERSONALITY is off and lacking… the panel will wonder if you can be someone they want to work with and hence you won’t give yourself the best chance.

Even if your PERSONALITY is great along with your ACTING – that’s a good start! But if you are not TECHNICALLY great and the panel will wonder if you can hit the notes 8 times a week.

Even if your PERSONALITY is great and your TECHNIQUE is too, so you can hit all the notes. It’s going to feel like singing by numbers and emotionless if you lack the ACTING through song and take them on a journey.

Get the idea?
I will cover all the factors in more detail in further Blogs/Videos.
Just know that you need to work on every single factor that goes into a successful audition. This will give you the best chance possible of getting the job!

13th August 2018

Christopher David Mitchell

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