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The Online Coach Programme

Within this 9 week live interactive course, I will be giving you everything you need, so that you are set up with your online coaching business. Not only will you be set up, but you will have all the clients you need.
This programme will help you turn your passion into a fully booked coaching business

Christopher David Mitchell

Warm Up Course

The Exceptional Vocal Warm Up Course.

I believe in helping singers reach their full potential and that’s why I’ve created the Exceptional Vocal Warm Up Course.

With over 2 hours of content that includes 20 videos and 14 carefully crafted exercises – this course has everything you need to know about warming up your voice so you can be at your best.

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This free E-Book contains the foundations to warming up your voice. It’s a great starting guide for The Exceptional Vocal Warm Up Course. There is 48 pages of helpful vocal tips for your ongoing vocal development.

I want you to have this for free.

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6 Week Vocal Course

This unique course contains over 10+ hours of content where each week you will be discovering a new important topic to further your voice and your career.

I will be with you Live the whole time.


We will dive deep into Vocal Science and Anatomy of your voice, explore many Vocal Exercises from beginner to advanced levels, we will also be finding your unique Vocal Style.

This course also contains a section on helping you with Marketing and Business topics that will make you a highly in demand Singer.


Join me for this transformational 6 week course!

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