• Boy George

    Grammy Award Winner

    Christopher is amazing! He’s taught me some really great vocal techniques that have helped me tremendously. I’ve used lots of different methods over the years but it’s been really exciting to learn some new things!

  • George Sampson

    Britains Got Talent Winner

    Being a professional dancer by trade, and working in this industry for a decade, I never really needed to work on my vocals, until recently… I made a decision to work on singing and to learn proper vocal techniques to enhance the work I want to do, and I searched hard to find somebody that could not only teach me vocal technique and how to sing, but that could mentor me personally, and follow my journey at this stage to get the most out of what I want, and Christopher is absolutely that. I love learning to sing with Christopher and have noticed improvements all over the place generally. I’m excited to continue our journey into the future and seeing where it can take me. Thanks for everything Christopher!

  • Christine Allado

    Guest Soloist with Andrea Bocelli, World Tour and also Lead role in Hamilton, (West End)

    “I can’t rave enough about Christopher and his revolutionary vocal technique. As a voice enthusiast myself, I really enjoyed exploring all the different possibilities with my voice, and working with Christopher the sky’s the limit! Aside, from this he’s also a wonderful singer himself, which is so valuable in the lessons.”

  • Vangelis Polydorou

    Finalist on 'The Voice'

    “From lesson one, I noticed a MASSIVE improvement mixing my vocal registers, and my high range felt easier than ever before. Whether beginner or professional, you will definitely learn so much from Christopher. An amazing Vocal Coach and a great person too”

  • La Voix

    Britains Got Talent Semi Finalist

    A truly modern day expert coach. Chris has developed a teaching style which is 21st century applicable and practical. Everything he says is so easy to put into practise. An inspiring motivator, true expert in the voice and most importantly an amazingly personable guy.

  • Tom Solomon

    Number 1 Album in ITunes Classical charts, and Winner of BBC's 'Voice of Musical Theatre'. Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera (West End)

    “Christopher is an extremely gifted vocal coach and singing technician. He has a fresh and fun style mixed with a huge vocal knowledge. I can’t wait to read his upcoming book with vocal tips and warm ups. On top of all this, he genuinely cares about all his students and strives to bring the best out of everyone. He is also one of the nicest guys I’ve shared a stage with. Book now and instantly improve!”

  • Jason Catron

    Brett Manning Master Associate, Los Angeles

    “Hey London! If you are looking for a vocal coach, I highly recommend Britain’s finest…Christopher David Mitchell! I have known Chris as a client and friend for over six years and am proud to call him a fellow coach. His knowledge of the voice is incredible and his desire to help clients is heart felt. Do yourself a favour and book a session today!”

  • Jamie Bryce

    Singer, West End

    Like a lot of performers, I have seen A LOT of singing teachers in my time. Christopher has been someone I have known for 10 years and I decided to go and see him about a month ago for a lesson, to see if he could help me out. Since then, I have seen him 2 more lessons and I cannot believe the transformation in my voice and the ease I am finding in my singing. Chris has helped me fall in love with singing again. He has an incredible passion for the voice and how it works and how he can help others transform and find their voice. I have never felt such a change in my voice in such little time, as I have working under Christopher.
    Anyone that wants to get their top notes with absolute ease and precision, get booking with Christopher. I only hope he doesn’t get too booked out, so I will still get the chance to book future lessons with him!

  • Tyler Wysong

    Vocal Coach, California

    Great Coach! Great guy! Get some lessons with him!

  • Melina Neff

    Recording Artist, Austria

    “It is absolutely fabulous to work with Chris! So engaging, helpful and motivating! A real pleasure working with and great fun”

  • Leon Craig

    Currently Standby "Genie" in Aladdin

    “Christopher is an incredible voice coach. His method of teaching has been extremely beneficial to my career, sustaining the stamina and vocal health I need for 8 shows in the West End. He has helped me with styles from pop, rock and musical theatre. I highly recommend Christopher to all singers from beginner to pro.”

  • Will Arundell


    This guy is a true master of his craft, he has worked with and been mentored by some of the greatest coaches and voice experts across the world and my god does it show. I came to Chris very confused about my voice and seriously doubting my abilities, within an hour I was singing higher and free-er than ever before with a massive grin on my face. He is a true gent and an exceptional coach.

  • Leigh Pollard


    Another amazing lesson with Christopher!

    Been to a few coaches now and for me Christopher is by far the best! No matter what styles you are looking to improve on this man has ALL the tips and tricks to help you out!

    Even with a few lesson I am already seeing a massive improvement on my voice and confidence!

  • Nick Penberthy-Housley


    What can I say…. Amazing vocal coach! Started with Christopher in January as I have been having vocal issues with my range and I had never used falsetto at all. Within 5 lessons I am now developing
    my range through the different vocal exercises which Christopher has given me to work with and I am delighted that I have now discovered a falsetto voice which is getting stronger each day. Christopher is fantastic at what he does, he makes each lesson interesting and fun. He is supportive and 100% dedicated to each lesson. I have been so impressed that I have booked another block of 5 lessons as I want to continue improving. I would recommend Christopher to anyone and can’t thank him enough!!

  • Laura White

    Singer - West End

    Such a brilliant man! I’ve had lots of different singing teachers but it’s rare to find someone who is so invested in your personal journey. Creates a safe and friendly atmosphere and helps not only with singing but also with yourself as a performer and person! Would highly recommend for anyone, he’s made me look at singing in a complete new way!! He has become a mentor and also a friend.

  • Katrina Holloway


    You go for a lesson and come out feeling like a new human. Seriously. Christopher has helped me solidify my strengths whilst also knowing just the right exercises to help me stretch and further myself towards my goals. He’s helping me lesson by lesson to believe in myself and my voice. Not only this, Christopher has gone above and beyond to help me source rep and prepare for auditions. If you haven’t gone for a lesson yet, why?!

  • Robert Paterson

    Recording Artist

    Superb coach, lovely guy, fantastic to work with – 10/10

  • Nicole Annalise


    AMAZING HUMAN! Christopher is the most knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging coach I have met by far. I’m Australian so that’s being said based on two continents worth of experience!

    I knew from day one that I’d be booking sessions regularly. He has developed and continues to help me improve my range, my tone, my technique…literally everything a singer needs. It’s also great knowing that someone has your back in such a demanding industry.

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone else so If you haven’t booked a lesson with him, GET ONTO IT ASAP!

    Thank you so much Christopher. You are helping me develop into a singer I can be proud of. I am so excited to continue working with you

  • Emma Wessleus


    Christopher is incredible at what he does and a very inspiring human being in general! My technique has improved significantly over just a few months and I cant wait too see what the future holds. A vocal magician!

  • Emily Dodd


    Christopher is an amazing teacher. It’s only early days yet- 3 months working together but my voice and confidence in myself has come on leaps and bounds. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Definitely would recommend.

  • Vincenzo Spedale

    Singer - Italy

    Oh so many things that I could say about how amazing he is.
    I’ll just mention my first lesson: I was scared but excited… well after just 1 hour I already learned something new about my voice and about all the magic things that I couldn’t believe I was able to do.

    He’s always available to help u with all the questions that u have (Skype sessions really help!) and he’s also helping u to believe in yourself always with honesty.

    Really recommended!

  • Terri-Lee Cranfield


    I have been meaning to write this for a while. I’ve got to say Chris is by far the BEST vocal coach I have ever had, including my time at Italia Conti years ago.
    I went to him feeling very ‘rusty’ and within an hour felt like I’d regained my confidence. It is obvious he is very passionate about what he does & knew exactly how to help me with his ‘magical’ vocal exercises! He is also a very genuine guy and lesson’s are always great fun.

  • Mike Hannon


    This review is long overdue, I feel nothing but lucky to be able to call Chris my coach, he has gone that extra mile ever since my first lesson over a year ago. His vocal knowledge and work ethic made him stand out for me in the beginning, and his love for the arts and music combined with the empathy he has for other artists make me keep coming back. Chris is an amazing vocal coach yes but he is also an amazing person who cares. Thank you Chris

  • Gina Uden



    I cannot thank Christopher enough for the first session (of hopefully many).

    He truly is a gentleman, and he was constructive, fair and friendly, and he taught me so much in an hour and I honestly am so excited to work with him!

    Thanks so much

  • Gemma Barnes


    I literally cannot put into words how much I value every single session I spend with Chris. Each minute is a masterclass in technique, knowledge, enjoyment and discovery. Chris has helped me master things I never thought I could do and sing songs I spent years believing I couldn’t sing! He has also equipped me with so many skills and so much knowledge that I know exactly how to approach new songs and any issues I have vocally or as a performer. I wish there was a stronger word than recommend, because to say I recommend Chris just does not feel enough!! I come out of every session inspired, on fire and buzzing for the next!

  • Rheanna Trueman


    Had my 1st lesson with Christopher today, and it was absolutely brilliant! His extensive knowledge on the voice was fascinating. By showing me the placement of the different voices (head, mix, chest) and ways in which to access these, in just the space of an hour my voice felt much stronger and controlled. Usually I strained to belt an E, but with just a few simple exercises I hit it with ease and control using my mixed register. I can’t wait to continue my vocal journey, in the excellent hands of Christopher

  • Daniel Ablitt


    Chris is an amazing vocal coach and a great guy as well! Since moving back to London I have been searching for the right singing teacher for me and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made with Chris in just 2 lessons! He’s helped me get rid of bad habits gained from previous contracts and has so many different ways of working and looking at the voice to erase even the most stubborn habits. Within 2 lessons, he’s helped me get my top B strong and consistent and even worked me up to mix belting top D’s. I can’t wait for my next lesson!

  • Sarah Dorsett


    I cannot recommend Christopher’s tuition highly enough! Having always worked as a singer and due to unfortunate circumstances that led my confidence being severely scarred I decided after quite some time to take the plunge and book my first lesson. Christopher’s care and consideration helped me so much and made me believe in myself again. A kind and truly thoughtful friend and mentor that has helped me from career choices to techniques and songs for a auditions too! Book now and see! I look forward to discovering more on this wonderful journey. Thank you so much Christopher!

  • Grace McGill


    I can’t thank Christopher enough for helping me with my singing over the past few months! He is so passionate and hardworking, you are sure to have a great lesson every time you book! Such a positive energy in the room, a great teacher for anyone with or without lots of experience!

  • Kevin Brewis


    If you want something to change you probably need to do something different. Christopher is the difference! How many 5* reviews do you need?

  • Vaiva Datenyte


    I would like to say a huge thank you for Christopher and his enthusiasm and positive thoughts while teaching me singing today! He has a fantastic attitude to work and so much experience.
    He is an exceptionally knowledgeable, very talented and incredible singing tutor ! Christopher showed me a lot of different techniques while dealing with my singing problems.
    I definitely strongly recommend Christopher to anyone who is looking for a qualified and friendly singing teacher!

  • Leo Rowell


    Great vocal coach, great guy. Lesson with him was very focused on vocal technique and even with his little tips and knowledge, I unlocked parts of my voice (and more importantly, notes) I didn’t know EXISTED until my lesson yesterday. If you’re wanting to learn more about your voice, this is the man to go to! Thank you Chris!

  • Helena Mitchell


    I cannot tell you how incredible Christopher David Mitchell is as a vocal coach.

    I have experienced vocal issues in the past. Christopher has really helped me to gently rebuild the strength in my vocal folds, whilst also training them with great technique to prevent future injury. He has also given me my confidence back and supported me every step of the way.

    The best thing I can say about Christopher is that he genuinely listens! He has your best interests at heart and isn’t in it just for the money or anything like that, he has offered me continuous support (emotionally as well) in and out of the music room to help me have strong, healthy vocal folds again and to continue my singing career. Cannot recommend enough!

  • David Olds

    Singer - London

    What an amazing vocal coach, Chris helped put right the bad habits I picked up and he’s also a truly inspiring guy, thank you Christopher!

  • Nia Martinez

    Singer, Spain

    I couldn’t find any singing coach that I truly liked until I found Chris. I’ve been going to his lessons for the past two months, and I’m so grateful for how much he has helped me with my voice. I improved so much in just two months, so I would recommend them to everyone.
    It’s been a pleasure Chris, I can’t wait to continue working with you or to book a Skype lesson.
    Thank you!

  • Jamie Stratford

    Singer, London

    Working with Christopher has been amazing! The sessions are always fun and relaxed, allowing you to get the most out of them. He can pin point exactly what isn’t working and what needs fixing and then will make sure you achieve it! I can’t wait to keep working with him in the future, thank you!

  • Luke Frost

    Singer, London

    Christopher is such a nice guy! He puts you in ease as soon as you step in the room and is such a pleasure to work with!

  • Sian McIntyre


    Cannot say enough how brilliant Christopher is. I leave every lesson having gained so much knowledge about my voice and improve in confidence every time. He is great at finding out what exercises work best for you and I am always shocked at how much you can improve in just 1 hour. His knowledge is extensive and I can’t thank him enough for all his help.

  • Laura Mae Colclough

    Singer, London

    So having just had my third lesson with Chris, I’m already loving working with him!
    Such a genuinely lovely guy, who even came into the studio early to help with a last minute audition I had.
    Could not recommend him enough! He helps you understand where to place your voice, he has so many amazing ideas and techniques to find what works best for you, and makes singing feel effortless. I already feel like I have a better understanding of my voice!
    Thank you Christopher!

  • Honza Honig

    Singer - Czech Republic

    Christopher is awesome! His knowledge is fascinating. I’ve never felt such a huge improvement in such a short time. I learned so much new and useful stuff. He helped me a lot with my technique. Even the language barrier wasn’t a slightest problem. Thanks for being patient. He’s a great pedagogue. I’m looking forward to next lessons. The way from Czech Republic is so worth it.

  • Karianne Kvalen


    “I had my first lesson with Christopher this week, and I am already looking forward to my next session so I can develop my voice further. I got more out of the lesson than I thought I would. I have doubted my ability to sing soprano songs, because I mainly sing MT & pop. but I am feeling positive that Christopher will help me nail the more legit area too! I love it when I find nice people to work with, who are passionate about what they do, and truly want their clients to succeed!”

  • Thomas J Hewitt


    “Loved my lesson with Christopher. He has such a good ear that it was very quick for him to identify problems leading to a quicker resolution using effective exercises. He made it a very relaxing atmosphere too so was a lot of fun. Highly recommend.”

  • Lauren Grice


    “After only having had one lesson with Christopher. I can not recommend him enough. He is a vocal genius (knowing all the technicalities) and a genuinely nice guy, he has restored my confidence in singing and I am already counting down the days until the next lesson. If you need to brush up on technique or start from scratch- this is your guy
    Thank you Christopher”

  • Anthony Bristoe


    “Christopher is such a fantastic vocal teacher/instructor, with such an amazing passion for his job and it comes through in abundance, he makes you feel at ease straight away with his knowledge and willingness to help you reach your objectives…I have had a few problems reaching certain notes due to being out of practice mostly, but with his knowledgable guidance and help he has helped me reach my standard again and I’m very grateful for his help…I would highly recommend him!”

  • Justin Vanderhyde

    Singer, London

    I had another amazing singing lesson today with the very talented Christopher David Mitchell . I highly recommend him . It’s only my second lesson and already my voice has improved and techniques working . The lessons are so much fun , and he has a great energy and is so friendly

  • Leila Suleyman


    “What an amazing vocal teacher… I have had many teachers in my time but he is a true talent! I would recommend him to anyone! Great confidence builder and really encourages you to push you to the max. He continues to blow me away with his vocal techniques”

  • Katarina Kruper

    Singer, Germany

    I’ve had 2 vocal lessons with Christopher so far and I can say he’s a vocal genius. He teaches with so much passion. His exercises are tailored to your needs and he gives you so much confidence. I love to work with him and I would definitely recommend him!!! Thank you so much x

  • Ali Robertson


    Christopher is wonderful to work with – his creative and intellectual techniques garner effective and long lasting results, plus he is also a lovely guy! I’ve had 4 sessions so far and already I feel much more comfortable and confident within my range and form. Book in with him!

  • Paige Mullarkey

    Singer, London

    I can’t thank Christopher enough for the help and advice he has given me in only 3 lessons! He’s not only helped me to rebuild my confidence in singing but he challenges me to achieve things I never thought in a million years I could do! Every lesson is tailored to me as an individual and finding various techniques and exercises to help me achieve my goals. Along side this he has also helped me to prepare for auditions and suggested songs for my rep.
    I would definitely recommend Christopher to anybody looking for a singing coach. His knowledge and energy make his lessons so enjoyable and you always leave having learnt so much more about your voice.
    Thank you for all your help so far Christopher, can’t wait to get another lesson booked in!

  • Stewart Briggs

    Singer, London

    Only my second lesson but the lessons have had a huge positive impact on my singing so far. Christopher instantly recognised where I need help most and has given me fantastic exercises and ways of approaching singing to take away in between sessions. Look forward to working with him a lot more.

  • Abbi Jean Reid

    Singer, London

    Have had such a great singing lessons with Christopher. I’ve just started out with him but so much is improving already. He has really been able to pinpoint the things that I struggle with/need to work on, but in a way that I understand so I’m really able to improve.
    Thanks so much Christopher!!!

  • Tai Jordan

    Singer, London

    Christopher has been nothing short of amazing. He’s not only helped me in my vocal technique and singing, but he’s helped boost my confidence to the point that I can actually sing in front of people!
    He is full of wisdom and knowledge and can give you practical examples of how to do things; rather than just telling you, he can show you. Christopher has been an absolute star! I cannot recommend him enough, especially if like me you’re a bit of a newbie!

  • Chris Moakes

    Singer, London

    Great teacher for working on my technique with me, really coming along with my singing placement, and looking forward to continuing our lessons when I return from a job!

  • Stephanie Reed

    Founder of the 'Reed Academy Of Singing and Drama'

    “Christopher is truly passionate about what he does. Having had just two lessons with him so far, I have been so impressed by the amount we have fit into the time and just how much useful information I have taken away. As a children’s teacher myself, it is important that I continue to spend the time developing my own voice and skills. I have had several frustrating issues with my voice over the years and on meeting Christopher, he immediately explained to me what was going on and has helped me understand how to develop these areas (something other teachers in the past have missed). His technical knowledge is outstanding and his enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. What makes him the ‘go-to’ vocal coach is not just that he is great fun, but also that he is a truly kind and genuine person who will go out of his way to help you. Even though this review has become more like one of my school reports -the fact is- I would definitely recommend booking Christopher and can guarantee you won’t regret it”

  • Charlotte Laura Boundy


    Christopher is without doubt an amazing coach! He has such a positive attitude it wears off instantaneously. He has a wealth of knowledge and presents this in a clear and easy to understand way. He’s also great a building confidence and not just a singing teacher but an acting through song teacher soon. I’d recommend him to everyone no matter what level of singing you’re at!

  • Conrad Gayle

    Vocal Coach and founder of Vocalize, Birmingham

    “I had the ultimate opportunity to have Chris facilitate a seminar Vocalize last weekend in Birmingham UK. The detailed insights and professionalism he displayed very informative and eye opening. I will be sure to have him again next year! Truly a hidden gem of England”

  • Angela Prince


    I am so happy to have discovered Christopher! I really wanted a coach who could develop my voice further and zone in on areas that needed work. He literally meets you where you are at and communicates everything with an easy step by step approach. Christopher is a gem! He has a lovely positive manner and working with him is giving me the confidence and hope that I can and will fulfil my potential.

  • Lauren Bimson

    Singer, London

    Recently I have been so down about my voice and my vocal ability having not had a lesson in what feels like forever! I had one lesson with Christopher and he completely turned that around! Not only was I able to find part of my voice that I didn’t even think I had, I was able to do it with ease and stability. I would highly recommend going to Christopher if you want to work on retraining your voice and gaining confidence in yourself! I can’t wait for my next lesson!

  • Clemens Bahn

    Vocal Coach, Germany

    Working with Christopher is such an inspiration! I‘m a vocal coach from Germany but it’s soooo important to work on yourself and your instrument constantly. I get new warm ups and a new look at old techniques. The way from Germany is so worth it, so if you want to work with this genius come from all over the world to London!

  • Charlie Leonard


    “My Vocal Wizard. Highly recommend this guy! My voice and my understanding of the voice has grown and improved so much, even after one lesson! Book a lesson guys!”

  • David Murphy


    “Christopher is such a wonderful singing teacher, not only does he throw out a lot of praise and encouragement, his passion for helping you find the voice that you always wanted is truly evident throughout your lesson. He has bucket loads of energy and just has SO much knowledge to cram in to the hour, he gets results with problems in just a few minutes!! I honestly can not recommend this lovely man enough if you are looking for someone to help you with your voice goals. I’ve just had my first lesson and I’m already SO excited for my next lesson. So happy to finally have met someone who understands what I want to achieve with my voice, and seeing major results after ONE LESSON. I mean C’mon.. Christopher you’re a genius, thank you so much!!”

  • Charlotte Walker

    Singer - Luxembourg

    Just had a lesson with Christopher and came out floating on air. In the hour we had, I now feel much more comfortable about my belting and breathing! Go see him, you’ll glow!

  • Rolf-Olav Ringkjob

    Founder of Rolf Vocal Studio, Norway

    “Christopher is damn good at what he’s doing. It took him less than two minutes to fix a voice problem I had been struggling with for years; He has forever changed my voice!”