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My Motivation – Death

21st August 2020

People ask me how I stay very motivated.    Well, the honest answer is this – from time to time I will contemplate my own death. This may sound weird to you or even depressing – but it’s really not.    We live in a world where people are obsessed with petty problems, things that […]

Your Time Becomes Your Expertise

19th May 2020

Spend time doing lip rolls on a 5 tone scale and you will become an expert at doing lip rolls on a 5 tone scale    Spend time thinking about vocal technique and you will become an expert at thinking about vocal technique    Spend time performing on stage to a live audience and you […]

Singers – Raise Your Profile

29th January 2020

When I search your name in Google, what comes up? Anything? When I look through your social media, is it a fair representation of you? Are you on Spotify or Apple Music, as we would expect of successful singers?  How many hours of online content do you have which shows your craft? Have you got […]

Why I Told My Health Story

17th October 2019

  A few weeks ago I decided to literally bare all and tell the authentic truth about my battle with ulcerative colitis, life saving operations and living with an ileostomy bag. I’m pleased to say it’s now had over 900k views. But why did I do it? After all, I didn’t have to – it […]

Find And Master Your ‘Niche’

28th August 2019

Are you ‘good’ at everything, or a master at something? The latter is much better.   In this crowded industry of singing, the way to stand out from the crowd is be a master at something. To master a specific area of your industry where no one can touch you.   We see evidence of […]

The Truth About Larynx Position

11th July 2019

‘The Larynx should be low at all times’  ‘The Larynx should stay in a stable position’  ‘The Larynx should raise with the pitch’  You may have heard one of the above phrases before from a teacher. But they’re not true.  (however one of these statements I agree with more than the others, I will explain […]

Positive Vs Negative Motivation

6th June 2019

‘You’ll see it when you believe it’ – Wayne Dyer  What’s motivating you? Theres 2 main types of motivation – positive and negative. I want you to be conscious of which one you are using. Negative motivation can really work. For a certain time anyway. Has someone told you that you can’t sing? Someone told […]

The High Level Solution To Getting a Top Agent

26th April 2019

There are a lot of singers and actors in London. A lot! But there’s not many ‘Top Agents’ in London. Certainly not compared to the amount of actors writing off to them for representation. So what’s the high level solution to getting a top agent?   Well, I could tell you, just hustle away. Day […]

Why ‘Anchoring’ is bad for your voice

27th March 2019

‘Just anchor more. Head anchoring, neck anchoring, torso anchoring, full body anchoring. Pretend like you’re going to the toilet’    – Oh yes, I’ve heard it all before. This is actually what I used to get taught.    Let’s discuss why anchoring in singing is generally a bad idea.    Firstly, any holding of muscles […]

There is more than one Vocal Technique

21st February 2019

I remember that throughout Drama School all I was taught was the Estill Model. It was presented like this was THE way. When really there’s so much more out there. The more experience I gain, the more I realise there’s more than one way of doing things. When a friend introduced me to Brett Manning […]

Seize The Opportunity

17th January 2019

We are living in the best time ever. Period. There’s no point waiting for the ‘next big thing’ it’s here right now. Opportunity is everywhere….but will you take it? Not too long ago you needed ‘permission’ to do something. People used to have the power to declare whether or not you could do what you […]

What We Can Learn From Freddie Mercury

3rd November 2018

After seeing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at the cinema, I was once again reminded just how much of a legend Freddie Mercury is. What made Freddie unique? What made him the remarkable and memorable performer whose music and voice still live on today. Well of course it’s not just one aspect. There are so many factors that […]

Put yourself out there to the world

18th October 2018

We are living in a busy world right now. It’s a noisy world of social media and EVERYONE has an opinion. If we took on the opinions of everyone around us, we would not get very far. You need to be able to stay strong and grounded within yourself. This comes from you discovering your […]

Factors Of A Successful Audition

13th August 2018

Multiple elements give you the best chance of audition success. Singing is one factor and an important one. However, other factors enter the equation of a successful audition. Song selection, what you wear, your personality in the room, knowing your cast-ability, acting through the song, vocal technique, vocal style, knowing the casting director, confidence in […]

You Are A Vocal Athlete – Singing Is A Vocal Sport

30th April 2018

I find that one of the best analogies for singing is going to the gym. Lots of people go to the gym these days. So think of training your voice in a similar way to this. It’s all muscle coordination work in the gym or with your singing voice. The great news about muscles is […]

Eliminating Vocal ‘Weight’

18th March 2018

When going for high notes, a common issue is that you could experience vocal tension. One reason for this can be too much ‘weight’ on the voice. What does this mean? Put your hand on your chest, now say the word ‘Yeah’ (give it your best Shakespearian actor voice) and try and feel some external […]

Head Voice, Chest Voice……and Eyebrow Voice ?!

1st February 2018

To be in ‘Head Voice’ you’ve got to feel it in the head… right?! ‘Chest Voice’ ‘Head Voice’… What do these actually mean? Well, these terms are general guidelines for where MOST people experience their resonance. However, everyone is different, with different shaped mouths, heads, throats, facial features that all affect where the singer feels […]

Posture and Alignment

28th November 2017

Posture and alignment Does it really matter if my hips, arms, chest, shoulders aren’t properly aligned and free? The vocal folds are within the larynx, FAR AWAY from all those parts of the body? Let’s experiment….. Try clenching your fist, and holding your arm tense. Is it just your arm that’s affected? Or does this […]

Vocal Style

5th October 2017

You’re progressing well, you’re technique is coming along. The scales are getting easier. You’re hitting all those notes… Now what? Style! Think of any artist – even a painter will do… Picasso, did he have his own unique style? Of course! Although a painter, he was, of course, an artist with unique individual choices. We […]

Breath Support

15th September 2017

Once we breathe in (most efficiently with an apoggio breath, with rectus abdominus and the intercostals, WOAH!), then what…?! We have to somehow hold back and resist the air. (Otherwise, if we let it all out too soon, a breath can be gone in a few seconds) We’ve got 2 main options… Option 1. Send […]


8th August 2017

More resonance at practically no extra cost! Resonance (in a nutshell) is everything that you can change above the vocal folds. There’s no excess pressure or effort on the vocal folds themselves. You can basically get resonance for free. Want more ‘brightness’ in your voice? Don’t try to over compress the vocal folds to create […]