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Week 1 - How Your Voice Works

In this session we will be discovering the science and anatomy of how your instrument really works.

We will discussing breath support, the larynx, vocal folds, resonance and more.

It’s important for you to understand your voice on a theoretical and technical level. After this session you will know exactly how your voice works and understand it better than ever.

All this plus a Q and A so you have all your questions fully answered.
The session will be recorded for you to repeat as much as you need within the course.

Week 2 - Vocal Flexibility Workout

In this session we will bring vocal freedom and flexibility in your voice.
From head voice, falsetto and Semi Occluded Vocal Tract exercises – it’s all covered.
These exercises will be a great workout for your ongoing vocal health.
I believe vocal health is vital for longevity throughout your career.

We will be doing a full set of exercises for 45 mins.
The session will be recorded for you to repeat as much as you need within the course

Week 3 - Vocal Power Workout

You are a vocal athlete and the voice needs a balance of flexibility and strength.
In this session, we will build power in your voice.

We will cover everything from ‘Mix Voice’ to ‘Belt’ in this session.
You will have the exact exercises needed to build a strong instrument.
I believe that this is important so you have the ‘money notes’ that the audience and audition panels are always wanting.
We will be doing a full set of exercises for 45 mins.
The session will be recorded for you to repeat as much as you need within the course

Week 4 - Vocal Mastery Workout

An advanced session of vocal exercises to challenge you and create real growth in your voice

If you want to get to the highest levels you need make sure you are always developing your voice.
This means finding new vocal coordinations, erasing all breaks in your voice and doing things you’ve never done before. If you can do these exercises that I give you, you can sing anything.

The session will be recorded for you to repeat as much as you need within the course.

Week 5 - Vocal Style Masterclass

In this session you will learn what ‘Style’ really means. By the end you will have the knowledge to be able to sing any style you wish.
We will cover all styles such as pop, musical theatre, legit and more.
I will give you my top 15 Style Tools for any song! These are the style Blueprint tools you need.

Mastering style is essential so you can sing any genre you need to.
Mastering style will also help you find your unique sound.
When you are unique and there’s no one like you – then you are irreplaceable.

The session will be recorded for you to repeat as much as you need within the course

Session 6 - Becoming an In Demand Singer

As a singer you are a business. Your singing talent alone is not enough.
In this session I’m going to show you the business and marketing skills designed specifically for singers that will help take your career to the next level.
Competition for singers is tough so these creative and entrepreneurial skills will help make your career a success.

This session will come with a download for you to keep.

70+ 5 star reviews - Highest rated vocal coach in London.

“Christopher is amazing! He’s taught me some really great vocal techniques that have helped me tremendously. I’ve used lots of different methods over the years but it’s been really exciting to learn some new things!”

Boy George - Grammy Award Winner

“I can’t rave enough about Christopher and his revolutionary vocal technique. As a voice enthusiast myself, I really enjoyed exploring all the different possibilities with my voice, and working with Christopher the sky’s the limit!”

Christine Allado - Hamilton, Prince of Egypt

“Christopher is incredible at what he does and a very inspiring human being in general! My technique has improved significantly over just a few months and I cant wait too see what the future holds.”

A vocal magician - Emma Wessleus

“I cannot tell you how incredible Christopher David Mitchell is as a vocal coach. I have experienced vocal issues in the past. Christopher has really helped me to gently rebuild the strength in my vocal folds, whilst also training them with great technique to prevent future injury. He has also given me my confidence back and supported me every step of the way”

Helena Mitchell

“Such a brilliant man! I’ve had lots of different singing teachers but it’s rare to find someone who is so invested in your personal journey. Creates a safe and friendly atmosphere and helps not only with singing but also with yourself as a performer and person! Would highly recommend for anyone, he’s made me look at singing in a complete new way!! He has become a mentor and also a friend”

Laura White

“I literally cannot put into words how much I value every single session I spend with Chris. Each minute is a masterclass in technique, knowledge, enjoyment and discovery. Chris has helped me master things I never thought I could do and sing songs I spent years believing I couldn’t sing! He has also equipped me with so many skills and so much knowledge that I know exactly how to approach new songs and any issues I have vocally or as a performer. I wish there was a stronger word than recommend, because to say I recommend Chris just does not feel enough!! I come out of every session inspired, on fire and buzzing for the next! “

Gemma Barnes

“You go for a lesson and come out feeling like a new human. Seriously. Christopher has helped me solidify my strengths whilst also knowing just the right exercises to help me stretch and further myself towards my goals. He’s helping me lesson by lesson to believe in myself and my voice. Not only this, Christopher has gone above and beyond to help me source rep and prepare for auditions. If you haven’t gone for a lesson yet, why?”

Katrina Holloway

“What can I say…. Amazing vocal coach! Started with Christopher in January as I have been having vocal issues with my range and I had never used falsetto at all. Within 5 lessons I am now developing
my range through the different vocal exercises which Christopher has given me to work with and I am delighted that I have now discovered a falsetto voice which is getting stronger each day. Christopher is fantastic at what he does, he makes each lesson interesting and fun. He is supportive and 100% dedicated to each lesson. I have been so impressed that I have booked another block of 5 lessons as I want to continue improving. I would recommend Christopher to anyone and can’t thank him enough!!”

Nic Housley

  • Over 10+ hours of content within this 6 week course
  • Challenges along the way each week within the group
  • A Community of singers who will grow together
  • I will be with you each week Live answering any questions you have within the group
  • All videos recorded and reposted within the course
  • Special Guests to join us and give their expert knowledge
  • A Huge Bonus at the end of the course!
  • All at a highly discounted price for you to continue your development through this time


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