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Singers – Raise Your Profile

29th January 2020

When I search your name in Google, what comes up? Anything?

When I look through your social media, is it a fair representation of you?

Are you on Spotify or Apple Music, as we would expect of successful singers? 

How many hours of online content do you have which shows your craft?

Have you got a website that’s up to date? 

You may wonder why do all this….but we are in show Business or the music Business aren’t we? 

Times are changing, and gone are the days of waiting around for a phone call from your agent. The internet has changed everything and gave everyone an immense opportunity to be creators of their own success.

If you’re wanting to work as a singer in 2020 in a crowded competitive industry – there’s no excuse not to have a strong online presence.

You should be seeing yourself a one person business and doing whatever you can to succeed. 

Social media is free for everyone to upload content, songs, covers of them singing or just put out what inspires them and show that to the world – there’s no excuse not to do it

I’ve set up The Recording Artist Programme with Oli Delbos – Music Producer 

He often has major labels in the recording studio who meet with a new artist. One of the first things the label will do is to check out the artists online presence and profile.

What’s their social media look like? What comes up on google? How active has the artist been in putting out songs. What do other people say about them?

Imagine if ‘Apple’ didn’t have a website or a successful singer or band like ‘One Republic’ was not on Spotify. We expect those things because we see them as high profile. 

Raising your profile as a singer can be hard work and it’s not a short term fix. 

The easy thing to say is ‘yeah just send a singing reel to a top theatre agent with a nice covering letter’ or ‘just send your demo off to Simon Cowell’ But that’s like me sending a direct message on Instagram to Ariana Grande and asking for a date – it’s not going to happen, she doesn’t know me. 

The process of raising your profile takes time and a mindset of treating your singing services like a business. I’m start to coach this more and more with my clients, because being a successful singer is about much more than singing.

But if you’re persistent, smart and dedicated to doing everything you can and raising your online profile – in the end you won’t be cold calling asking for people in the industry to ‘pick me’ …..but people will reach out to you