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Find And Master Your ‘Niche’

28th August 2019

Are you ‘good’ at everything, or a master at something? The latter is much better.


In this crowded industry of singing, the way to stand out from the crowd is be a master at something. To master a specific area of your industry where no one can touch you.


We see evidence of this all the time in crowded industries. In the acting world, is Tom Hardy really good at everything (or has he mastered a certain character type) same goes for Daniel Day Lewis (I don’t see many comedies coming out of him) and also Tom Cruise (the action star master)


It’s the same in music. Stevie Wonder is a legend, but if he tried to sing ‘If I Loved You’ it may not sound right. Pavarotti is a legend, but if he tried to sing ‘Apologize’ By ‘One Republic’, it may not sound right. You get the idea here


Too many people worry about being good at everything and end up achieving very little.┬áDon’t be a general singer. Be slightly specialised. Have something you do which no one can beat you on.


Write down your top strengths. Riffs? Emotion through song? High notes? Low chest voice tones? Singing softly? A unique tone that is distinct?


As a vocal coach, I don’t coach opera singers. I want to be the very best coach for a certain group of people, not good for everyone.


As the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said ‘Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific’


What are your top strengths? What are you best at? What can you do better than almost anyone else? What is unique to you?


Once you find the answer, double down on that. Perfect it over time and you will be untouchable, even in this crowded industry.