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Positive Vs Negative Motivation

6th June 2019

‘You’ll see it when you believe it’ – Wayne Dyer 

What’s motivating you?

Theres 2 main types of motivation – positive and negative. I want you to be conscious of which one you are using.

Negative motivation can really work. For a certain time anyway.

Has someone told you that you can’t sing? Someone told you that you won’t ‘make it’? Has someone ever been very critical of you? 

This can storm up a whirlwind of emotions which can build determination and ‘I’ll prove you wrong’ attitude. 

And negative motivation will work in the beginning, it will get you going. 

So many people in history have started huge success in life from a negative circumstance in life. 

The problem is that it always runs out at some point – Here’s why.

Let’s say that someone once said to you ‘I don’t think you will ever be in the West End’ 

Well…. you could react to that and it could give you a lot of negative motivation and drive. 

But what happens the day when you DO get in a West End Show? What’s going to drive you after that, as you haven’t got that negative motion to drive you anymore? The negative emotions and pain has now gone. 

Another classic example of this in a different context is the gym. Someone may have called you overweight at school. That sits in your mind, and you go to the gym to ‘show them’… until of course the day comes when you are not overweight anymore. Then what? The motivation isn’t there, and without switching to a positive motivation – you have plateaued or worse go back to your former weight. 

But positive motivation never fades. Instead of running away from something (the negativity motivation) you are now working TOWARDS something. A positive image and vision of the future. Be specific.

It’s called a vision because you can see it in your mind. 

This is why Law Of Attraction and vision boards work for a lot of people. Because it puts a powerful positive motivation into your mindset. 

So develop a strong positive motivation. 

A clear precise image of everything you want. Then it’s about following it up with an action plan to get you there. My job as a coach is not just about teaching people to sing. It’s so much more than that. It’s helping people to achieve their unique vision. 

If your future goal is strong and powerful enough, then your motivation will always be there for you. 

‘You’ll see it when you believe it’ – Wayne Dyer.