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The High Level Solution To Getting a Top Agent

26th April 2019

There are a lot of singers and actors in London. A lot!
But there’s not many ‘Top Agents’ in London. Certainly not compared to the amount of actors writing off to them for representation.
So what’s the high level solution to getting a top agent?


Well, I could tell you, just hustle away. Day and night! Write off to every agent constantly. Keep persisting until you get a ‘yes’ no matter what it takes. Knock on doors, ring numbers etc. And for some people this may work. But it’s not the high level solution, in my opinion.


The right path in life is often the hard path in life.


The high level solution is to become the person that the agent wants. Be so exceptional at what you do, that they are seeking you out and ringing you.


Easier said than done? Yes, of course, it’s going to be really hard work. But anything valuable in life will be.
It’s hard work to stand out from the crowd and be unique, it’s hard work to stick it out, and it hard work to constantly keep working on your craft.


But the pay off is… if you can get to a point where people are saying ‘have you heard this person sing’ ‘did you see that performance they did in that show’ ‘I can’t believe how good this person is in that role’


If you can do great work, unique work that stands out from the crowd, then people will come to you.


Think of it like dating. If you are running around after agents without first having a strong profile yourself, – well it’s like running around asking 100 people for a date saying please pick me. It’s not really going to work.


But have you noticed that the people who have really worked on themselves don’t need to run around asking for a date? People come to them. It’s similar in this industry.


Work on your craft to the point where you are exceptional at what you do. And the top agents will come to you. That’s the high level solution and that’s the truth.


For further reading on this topic I recommend the book ‘So good they can’t ignore you’ by Cal Newport