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Seize The Opportunity

17th January 2019

We are living in the best time ever. Period. There’s no point waiting for the ‘next big thing’ it’s here right now. Opportunity is everywhere….but will you take it?

Not too long ago you needed ‘permission’ to do something. People used to have the power to declare whether or not you could do what you wanted. A classic example being the record label holding the keys to being a recording artist.

Times are changing and we are basically in the Opportunity Revolution. People have made a living and created careers from platforms like Youtube.
Technology has meant that we no longer have restrictions on the people we can reach and opportunities we have.
You no longer need permission – it’s all on you. (and that’s scary but great!)

As a singer, you need to be doing EVERYTHING you can to put yourself out there.
Gone are the times on relying on others (including your agent)

Have you got a facebook page as a singing artist?
Are you posting on ‘Facebook live’ with new songs, lyrics and performances?
Have you got your own Youtube channel? Are you building your channel and community?
Are you consistently putting songs on Soundcloud?
Are you using instagram to connect with other singers you may want to collaborate with?

All of this builds your profile. So when people look you up online…Google does not lie. The more great content you have, the more chance one of those songs will connect with someone. And word can spread at a huge pace over the internet.

Become a creator and create your own opportunities.
There is no excuse not to use all these great social media sites to build your career. Be responsible for your future and use this era of opportunity we are in to make the most of it!

Go out there now and create. Sing. Be heard.
Otherwise you may regret that you missed the opportunity.