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What We Can Learn From Freddie Mercury

3rd November 2018

After seeing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at the cinema, I was once again reminded just how much of a legend Freddie Mercury is.
What made Freddie unique? What made him the remarkable and memorable performer whose music and voice still live on today.
Well of course it’s not just one aspect. There are so many factors that make a star. Where singers or vocal coaches will go wrong is thinking that it’s just about the singing. This would be a mistake.
I could go on for hours in detail about all the factors which made him successful.
Some of the factors include the following…
A singer with a unique tonal quality and fantastic range. A show-stopping energetic performer. A brilliant songwriter and lyricist. His flamboyant style and outfits. His authenticity to be exactly who he wanted to be and say what he wanted to say.
I could go on but today the factor I will focus on today is authenticity.
He was unapologetically himself. He was well known in interviews to say exactly what he thought. More importantly he poured his heart and soul into his art. For me this was the X factor. Everything he went through in his life he turned into his art. The songs he wrote didn’t come out of nowhere, they weren’t fake or fabricated to be a hit. No – they were 100% what he was going through at each stage of his life. What could be more real than telling your own story. Examples of this are songs such as ‘love of my life’ ‘Who wants to live forever’ ‘Days of our lives’ ‘Show must go on’ ‘Too much love will kill you’ …. All these songs were written from specific emotional moments in his life that he decided to put into his art and give his gift to the world.
For me, these songs then become irreplaceable. Even if another singer sings ‘Who wants to live forever’ amazingly well…it can never replace Freddie. It can never replace the original as that was where the story and the true emotion came from.
And you can hear the authenticity in his voice on all of the mentioned tracks.
By bearing all and putting your heart and soul out to the world, you create the deepest emotional connection with your audience and fan base. So people don’t just like Freddie. They love him. They feel like they know him. They feel like he was a friend. This will never come from singing technique alone, instead this comes from the emotional connection created by the authenticity in his work.
Whatever your story is, there is no doubt it will touch someone else’s heart. It’s up to you if you want to tell your stories to the world and how you tell them. If you are a recording artist, then there is no better way than turning your real story into your art.
No matter what the story, if it’s true and authentic it will always succeed.