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Put yourself out there to the world

18th October 2018

We are living in a busy world right now. It’s a noisy world of social media and EVERYONE has an opinion. If we took on the opinions of everyone around us, we would not get very far.
You need to be able to stay strong and grounded within yourself. This comes from you discovering your unique and specific life purpose. It comes from you visualising your future goals, then mapping out each step to achieve those goals.
Once you have these in place, then you are on a strong and unstoppable mission to succeed.

An opinion only has power over you if you believe it to be true.

Sit with that for a second. Think about when someone says something about your work, take a step back and think…’Do I actually agree with what they said?’
If you have put out a song cover that you are proud of, then someone you don’t know comes along and says it’s average – do you take that on board? Do you let it stop you? Do you then stop from making further singing covers on social media?

The main issue is people worrying about what other people think. This is a crime because it inhibits singers from doing their best work and putting themselves out there to the world.

People on the internet, people who dislike your facebook post, online reviewers, people who leave a comment on youtube….these people probably do not know you at all.
Do not let these thoughts or worries stop you from producing your great work.

Expect some negative comments from time to time. Expect it. But don’t let it stop you.

This is different to feedback. Feedback is important to us as artists and can help us improve our craft. But be mindful who the feedback is coming from. Is it coming from someone you really respect? Is it coming from someone who is a ‘talker’ from the sidelines with a criticism? Or is it coming from someone who has walked the walked and puts their own ideas and work out into the world?
Personally there is currently only 3 vocal coaches in the world (all in America) that I would really take advice and insights from. I’m still incredibly open minded to new ideas but I take it with a pinch of salt and really look at where that opinion is coming from.

In the end we would look back on life and we wouldn’t worry what people said on youtube or facebook about our singing voice. Instead we would only regret not putting our art out to the world more.

So write those lyrics, get in the recording studio, go to that audition, get back into vocal coaching sessions, put that cover up on youtube, send that showreel off to agents and get on stage on open mic night.

Go create great work! Life is too short not to.