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Breath Support

15th September 2017

Once we breathe in (most efficiently with an apoggio breath, with rectus abdominus and the intercostals, WOAH!), then what…?!
We have to somehow hold back and resist the air. (Otherwise, if we let it all out too soon, a breath can be gone in a few seconds)
We’ve got 2 main options…
Option 1. Send the air straight up to the vocal folds, and then let the vocal folds/larynx try and hold back a lot of air. They usually do this by over compressing and using the false cords, so the vocal tract narrows in order to try to hold back and resist the air.
Option 2. We can control the air flow in the body. We can use the diaphragmatic muscles, to hold back the air within the body so that the vocal folds receive a steady stream of air, they can then vibrate freely, and just do their natural amazing job. You can feel this, from holding an ‘ss’ and letting out your air very slowly.
I don’t know about you… But I’m going for the latter option (and so are the students in my professional singing lessons)!