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Positive Vs Negative Motivation

There is positive motivation and negative motivation. Negative motivation is someone saying to you ‘You can’t sing’, so you get emotionally affected by this and it motivates you to work hard and get better at your singing. The problem is, as you get... read more

Release of Musculature

Does it really matter if my hips, arms, chest, shoulders aren’t properly aligned and free? The vocal folds are within the larynx, FAR AWAY from all those parts of the body? Let’s experiment….. Try clenching your fist, and holding your arm tense. Is... read more

Let’s find some Style!

You’re progressing well, your technique is coming along great! The scales are getting easier. You’re hitting all those notes you always wanted.. Now what? Style! Think of any artist? A painter even…. Picasso, did he have his own unique style? Of... read more

No more heavy high notes…

When going for high notes, singers can often experience vocal tension. One reason for this can be too much ‘weight’ on the voice. What does this mean? Put your hand on your chest and try and feel some external vibration, conductive resonance in your chest.... read more

Breath ‘Support’

That old classic line ‘Support’! What does it really mean? Lets discuss First of all, the ideal breath to take in is an ‘Apoggio’ In Italian this means ‘Support’ or more importantly ‘lean’ So the feeling is leaning on... read more

Christopher’s Clients

Chris is damned good at what he’s doing. It took him less than two minutes to fix a voice problem I had been struggling with for years; He has forever changed my voice!
Rolf-Olaf Rinkjob
Owner of Rolf Vocal Studio, Norway
“I can’t rave enough about Christopher and his revolutionary vocal technique. As a voice enthusiast myself, I really enjoyed exploring all the different possibilities with my voice, and working with Christopher the sky’s the limit! Aside, from this he’s also a wonderful singer himself, which is so valuable in the lessons.”
Christine Allado
Soon to be starring in 'Hamilton' in London's West End
“From lesson one, I noticed a MASSIVE improvement mixing my vocal registers, and my high range felt easier than ever before. Whether beginner or professional, you will definitely learn so much from Christopher.”
Vangelis Polydorou
Recording Artist, Finalist on 'The Voice'
“Christopher is an incredible voice coach and singing teacher. His method of teaching has been extremely beneficial towards my career, sustaining the stamina and vocal health I need for 8 shows in the West End.  He has helped me with so many styles from pop, rock and musical theatre.  I’ve been a professional singer for over 10 years now and I thoroughly recommend Christopher to all singers, from beginner to professionals in the industry.”
Leon Craig
Currently Standby 'Genie' in Aladdin, (West End)
“Christopher is a brilliant, passionate and highly knowledgeable vocal coach who truly cares. Instead of sticking to a strict schedule of techniques, he completely caters his vocal approach to the individual in order to achieve the best results. I was so excited by his guidance (not to mention the immediate results and breakthroughs) that I left the first session with a literal spring in my step. I am so thankful for the opportunity of working with Chris and couldn’t recommend him enough. “
Emma Humpston
Offered a place to start training at Arts Educational schools, London.
“During the first skype session I quickly discovered that Christopher is really serious about his teaching. The way he explained and informed me about the particular exercises and its benefits really proved that his heart and soul is in this. As the lesson was coming to an end I just knew that he was the teacher I wanted to stick with. After the lesson was done I just thought to myself: “WOW”… I’ve been taking lessons with Christopher for about 3-4 months now and I can easily say that I would NEVER get another vocal teacher. I feel a HUGE change in my singing voice and also as a person. “
Adam Tyler
Singer-Songwriter, Denmark
“Christopher has honed his skills by studying with the world’s finest voice teachers.  He is now a master of his craft and a vocal technique force to be reckoned with “
Tom Solomon
Number 1 Album in ITunes Classical charts, and Winner of BBC's 'Voice of Musical Theatre