There is positive motivation and negative motivation. Negative motivation is someone saying to you ‘You can’t sing’, so you get emotionally affected by this and it motivates you to work hard and get better at your singing. The problem is, as you get better, the negative motivation becomes less. So once you’re a good singer, you don’t get the ‘You can’t sing’ comment anymore, so now there’s no motivation, you stop progressing and you don’t achieve your BEST! This can then lead to the ‘Yo Yo Effect’ where you progress JUST ENOUGH to AVOID the negative motivation, then once the negative motivation isn’t there, you STOP progressing. You then become complacent until you receive some negative motivation again, and thus the cycle continues.

POSITIVE motivation is you having a VISION for where you want to be. A clear detailed vision. Exactly what you want. Your goals, your dreams. This could be a vision of you improving your voice to the maximum, singing a song perfectly on stage, or finally getting that dream role. This positive motivation is NOT affected by external validation, i.e. What other people may say to you or the amount of social media comments or ‘Likes’ you receieve. This motivation is a belief WITHIN yourself that stays constant and strong no matter what external obstacles may come your way.┬áThis positive motivation never fades, therfore you will constantly be motivated towards your vision!

Choose POSITIVE motivation!