You’re progressing well, your technique is coming along great! The scales are getting easier. You’re hitting all those notes you always wanted.. Now what?


Think of any artist? A painter even…. Picasso, did he have his own unique style? Of course!¬† Although a painter, he was of course an artist with unique individual choices.

We are artists of the singing voice! Performing ARTS, a Recording ARTIST. People often wonder, how do i find MY sound? The best way to do this is to explore all our options. Some we keep, some we choose not too.¬†There’s so much we can explore with our voices. This could be deliberate changes to vibrato, breathiness, larynx height, mouth shape, vowel changes.. (To name a few!!)

There’s so many tools available to you as a singing artist. Why not Explore all your tools?! Exaggerate and have FUN! You will surprised what amazing, unique sounds you can make. Like the painter using all their colours, we must use all our vocal colours. In the end you will find the stylistic options you love the most. These will then become apart of your unique amazing sound.

Happy exploring Style!