When going for high notes, singers can often experience vocal tension. One reason for this can be too much ‘weight’ on the voice.

What does this mean? Put your hand on your chest and try and feel some external vibration, conductive resonance in your chest. When you’re in this coordination in your low chest voice, the vocal folds are generally shorter. Shorter folds, tend to close with a thicker, greater amount of vocal fold musculature.

Maintaining this thick vocal fold contact whilst trying to sing higher notes, well… that’s going to be hard heavy work. Too much ‘weight’!

Lengthen the vocal folds too soon, and it could be too ‘heady’ too soon.

Don’t lengthen enough, and it’s going to be too much ‘weight’ on the voice. The Key is to find a light connected mix of head and chest. Middle gears in the singers voice. I will talk about how to access this in future vocal tips.

Shed the weight gradually. Lengthen gradually.The high notes will come.. Without the excess weight!